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108 Sport Model

108 Sport Model

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The VersaClimber Sport is the iconic machine used by world-class athletes and Olympians everywhere and is the first-choice fitness machine for gyms and sports clubs. Its elegant design and awesome reputation as the world’s number one calorie-burning machine means it appeals to both beginners and elite athletes. Users can vary the resistance levels to suit their own training program. 


  • Hi-Tri compatible
  • Cross-crawl functionality – each stroke you take creates forces which are generated across your body
  • Both step and arm stroke allow for a 51cm range
  • The handle height is adjustable, so it can be used by taller or shorter people
  • Mains-powered display console
  • Polar telemetry as standard or upgrade to Bluetooth for heart rate monitoring
  • Ships with Polar chest-strap heart rate monitor
  • Standard handles offer palm-front or palm-back climbing styles. Optional running handles offer palm-in grip to work different muscle groups
  • Users can adjust resistance to switch between cardio and strength training
  • Race against virtual opponents of varying levels of ability (Novice up to Olympian)
  • Race to climb some of the world’s most famous landmarks (Washington Monument up to Mount Olympus)
  • The strong, steel construction means this climber can withstand constant use
  • Race mode allows you to set target distance and time
  • Displays workout data such as: distance climbed / calories burned / time elapsed / rate of climb / stroke length / heart rate. (workout data displayed in either imperial or metric)
  • Required floorspace: 122cm x 122cm
  • Required height: 239cm
  • Weight: 70kg
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