The original vertical climbing simulator.
VersaClimber has been hand made in the USA for over 40 years, by the first company to incorporate heart rate monitoring into fitness equipment. Today, VersaClimber has a reputation as the world’s #1 cardio device.

108 Series


Why climbing?

From the beginning, we learn to perfect the most ancient movement pattern – crawling, then walking and running. This movement pattern requires forces to be generated across the body evenly, strengthening many more muscle-groups than any other fitness equipment.

Hit warmups, rehab, cardio, and strength training with one device

Many athletes and coaches incorporate climbing into the training programmes – unresisted sprints for cardio and loaded climbing for overall human strength.

Total body workouts without extra mileage on joints

Climbing on a VersaClimber is one smooth, seamless motion. There is no repetitive jarring of the joints, like with running. This is particularly important for people who are prone to lower body injuries, or who wish to avoid aggravating an existing injury. Using a VersaClimber is safe and suitable for anyone from beginner to Olympic athlete.