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Weight Vest Proud 1.0

Weight Vest Proud 1.0

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Multifunction weight vest WEIGHT VEST PROUD 1.0 is pared for anyone who wants to achieve the highest goals by working with themselves.

Its design greatly improves the safety and stability of the body.

It can become an optimal addition to any type of workout.

Ta renini vest is assessed by a professional sportist

The vest is pleasant to the touch and does not cause abrasions on the naked body. 

An additional advantage is the ability to regulate the load, which actually affects the intensity of each workout.

Thanks to the fastening with durable and durable Velcro, you do not have to worry about loosening the vest, performing even the most demanding exercises.

Technical data: - fastening: Velcro - Velcro length: 55 cm - load adjustment: YES - weight filling material: sand - weight: * 10 kg (length: 42 cm, width: 32 cm, number of weights: 10, weight: 1 kg) * 20 kg (length: 49 cm, width: 32 cm, number of weights: 10, sink weight: 2 kg) * weight tolerance +/- 0,5%
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