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Dumbbells Set 1- 5 kg Vinyl Proud

Dumbbells Set 1- 5 kg Vinyl Proud

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Perfect for fitness: low weight and vinyl coating make them ideal for fitness classes and easy to clean.

Grip confidence: ensuring full control over your movements, without fear of slipping dumbbells from your hands. The workout will be more comfortable and tailored.

A variety of training options available: created with different needs in mind. Thanks to them, you can do a wide range of training.

Dumbbells were created for fitness and aerobics training.

Thanks to their low weight and perfect fit to the hand, they perform very well in this role. Dumbbells are also a great choice at the beginning of the road with isolated strength training, when working on a technique or in ordinary home training. They can also act as a warm-up before proper exercises.

Very often chosen by women, they are also very popular as home training equipment or warm-up. Dumbbells adapted to training are supposed to allow for more demanding activity, which engages more muscles.

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