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Rotational Sling

Rotational Sling

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The Rotational Sling is great for developing core strength and power. It’s perfect for any sports that involve rotary movements such as tennis, hockey, wrestling, baseball and American football among others. Moreover this accessory can also be utilised for lateral squats and lunges on the kPulley. To properly wear it you will need to put your arm through the top of the sling and pull the shoulder pad directly above your shoulder. The rest of the sling will need to be wrapped around your back.

The Rotational Sling is made from strong and durable fabric, yet it’s perfect for flywheel training as it only weighs around 600 g. This accessory can be shared in a group setting due to its design. Its length can be adjusted to account for your chosen proximity to the device. Its effective length can vary between 40 cm and 180 cm depending on the user but otherwise when fully extended it spans from 160 cm to 270 cm.
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