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Proud Airbike 2.0

Proud Airbike 2.0

State-of-the-art equipment for HIIT training

The machines operate based on air resistance, offering unlimited resistance levels – the harder you train, the greater the resistance generated by the steel fan. The machines do not require an external power supply – the electricity needed for their operation is generated by your muscles! Undoubtedly, it is a collection that meets the demands of the 21st century.

The only power supply needed for our Cardio 2.0 machines is the one generated by your muscles.

Large, easy-to-read displays, showing all the necessary data about your work-out

Compatibility with HR bands, based on receiving data transmitted through the 5kHz radio band

Exercise bikePROUD Air Bike 2.0 and Air Bike 2.0 Elite

Designed and built from extremely durable materials, which makes them ideal both for commercial use as well as home use. Solid construction and precise fitting of the components allow for a smooth and quiet operation with no friction between the components. Unlike other devices of this kind, Air Bike 2.0 is equipped with a belt in the drive system instead of a conventional chain, which greatly improves the user's comfort, eliminates the need for lubrication and extends the useful life of the entire structure.

Air Bike 2.0 

  • 22-inch fan
  • Wireless heart rate measurement
  • Large LCD screen

Weight72 kg

Maximum load150 kg

Height142 cm

Width67.5 cm

Length123 cm

Number of programs 8

Display LCD
Built-in Polar wireless heart rate monitor

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