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M Size Flywheel

M Size Flywheel

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The Exxentric Flywheels are an indispensable part of the kBox4, kPulley and SingleExx series of flywheel training devices. They are made from laser cut, balanced and powder coated carbon steel.

The number and size of the flywheels used determine the inertia of the flywheel training experience.

The force in a flywheel training exercise depends on a combination of the intensity you work with and the selected inertia. With a higher inertia, the motion will be slower and more controlled, and your muscle will be able to produce a higher force. With a lower inertia, the motion will be faster which also puts higher demands on skill, balance and technique.

The inertia resulting from the size and number of flywheels you select impacts the training adaption you get. Together with your workout intensity, the inertia chosen decides your Flywheel Workout Zone, which can include strength training, power training, eccentric overload and warming-up.

For guidance on how to mount a flywheel onto your kBox4 or kPulley2 device, please watch our quick demonstration here.

The kBox, kPulley and LegExx can be equipped with two or four flywheels simultaneously depending on the device model. Additionally the Advanced Flywheel Knob can help to boost that capacity by two flywheels of a compatible size.

The flywheels are available in five different sizes:
Extra Large: 0.070 kgm² (only compatible with the kBox4 Pro, LegExx, LegFlexx and all kPulley devices)
Large: 0.050 kgm²
Medium: 0.025 kgm²
Small: 0.010 kgm²
Extra Small: 0.005 kgm²

The average first-time user typically starts with one large flywheel for most exercises on the kBox as opposed to one medium flywheel on the kPulley.

The medium and light flywheels can be used both on their own for high-speed exercises and weaker individuals (such as for rehabilitation), but they can also be used to fine-tune the inertia at higher loads. The Single-Turn Buckle can help you get the most effectiveness out of an Extra Small flywheel.

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