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kPulley2 Kit

kPulley2 Kit

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System includes:

  • kPulley2 Base
  • kMeter II
  • L size flywheel
  • L size kPulley Beam
  • Hip Belt
  • Original kGrips
  • Ankle Cuffs

The kPulley2 Kit is the perfect system for anyone looking to incorporate horizontal and lateral flywheel training in their workout regimen.

Every kPulley2 system is comprised of the kPulley2 device and a set of compatible accessories. This is the second generation horizontal flywheel training machine, which optimises the same principles used to design all kBox4 products to accommodate your needs when it comes to lateral exercises and movements and beyond.

Besides its comfortable setup, allowing you to work at heights from 40 cm up to 225 cm, the kPulley2 offers a built-in kMeter II feedback system and a very broad standard inertia range between 0.005 kgm² and 0.140 kgm².

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