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kPulley Go Device

kPulley Go Device

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The kPulley Go can be a central component of a new flywheel training system or a perfect complement to experienced users with an existing setup. It’s based on the same principles used to design our entire product line.

In addition to its versatility and adaptability, the kPulley Go facilitates a very broad inertia range between 0.005 kgm² and 0.140 kgm².

    The kPulley Go is great for home users, gym studios, group classes, athletes, and more, enabling you to engage in rotational and lateral exercises during your flywheel training. It can also act as a great complement to existing setups with a kBox system. Similarly, the main body of the kPulley Go is even compatible with our kPulley Beams, provided that you have a kPulley Go Beam Adapter.

    This device always includes its corresponding Strap Mount with a steel plate and 2 attachment straps. You can either mount the kPulley Go to a fixed stable object through the included straps or use the complementary steel plate to attach it to a wall (screws compatible with your wall will need to be acquired elsewhere). Thanks to its compact size you can easily adjust its placement to adapt to various different angles for all kinds of exercises and movements. 

    The kPulley Go can be equipped with up to two flywheels in five different sizes:

    Extra Large: 0.070 kgm²
    Large: 0.050 kgm²
    Medium: 0.025 kgm²
    Small: 0.010 kgm²
    Extra Small: 0.005 kgm²

    Device includes:

    • kPulley Go with

      • Pre-attached Drive Belt

      • Pre-attached Small Pulley Block

    • Strap Mount with

      • Two attachment straps

      • Steel plate for wall-attachment (no screws)

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    How will you use your flywheel device?

    Flywheel training devices can't be used without additional accessories. Choose the most suitable kit for your specific needs.

    Full accessory kits

    Select a pre-built kit with multiple accessories.

    Add extra accessories

    For an operational kPulley Gosystem at least 1 flywheel and 1 vital accessory are required. If you want to build the kit yourself or add additional accessories, then follow the numbered guidelines below.

    2. Add vital accessories

    Choose at least one vital accessory to use your flywheel device.

    3. Add secondary accessories

    Flywheel devices can operate without these secondary accessories, however, they can bring extra value to your workout sessions.