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kBox4 Active Platform

kBox4 Active Platform

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kBox4 Active systems offer the essentials of flywheel training for all levels of users. These systems are bolstered by our robust entry-level kBox4 device, ideal for gym studios, group classes, amateur athletes, and more. Home users can also benefit from our available training programs.

The kBox4 Active Platform is assembled by Swedish expert technicians with a light bronze coloured steel chassis requiring minimal floor space. The small Pulley Block mounted on this model is beneficial due to its minimal dimensions and reduced chance of interference during training. Its standard inertia capacity goes up to 0.100 kgm². Moreover, the kBox4 Active can be equipped with a kMeter at any time

The kBox4 Active can be equipped with up to two flywheels in four different sizes:
Large: 0.050 kgm²
Medium: 0.025 kgm²
Small: 0.010 kgm²
Extra Small: 0.005 kgm²

Platform includes:

  • kBox4 Active with

    • Pre-attached Drive Belt

    • Pre-attached Large Pulley Block

  • Angle Adjuster

Additional accessories are required to use this platform.

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How will you use your flywheel device?

Flywheel training devices can't be used without additional accessories. Choose the most suitable kit for your specific needs.

Full accessory kits

Select a pre-built kit with multiple accessories.

Add extra accessories

For an operational kBox4 system at least 1 flywheel and 1 vital accessory are required. If you want to build the kit yourself or add additional accessories, then follow the numbered guidelines below.

2. Add vital accessories

Choose at least one vital accessory to use your flywheel device.

3. Add secondary accessories

Flywheel devices can operate without these secondary accessories, however, they can bring extra value to your workout sessions.