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kBar Knurled

kBar Knurled

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The kBar is a must-have for anyone who wants to get the most out of their flywheel training both on the kBox as well as the kPulley. This accessory offers a more effective solution for a wide range of exercises including straight-arm lifts, deadlifts, high pulls, rows, biceps curls, squat variations, shoulder press exercises and more. Not to mention that the kBar can also be used for traditional weight training with weight stack machines or any other means of adding resistance.


Thanks to its stainless steel composition the Knurled kBar is intended for users who expect to train at extreme loads of up to about 400 kg/880 lbs/3920 N, making it far superior to similar looking iron bars. It was designed to mimic the standard/powerlifting bar in grip diameter and knurling.

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