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Ironstar HI-TEMP Bumper Plates

Ironstar HI-TEMP Bumper Plates

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Extremely durable, with light bounce, longevity and a top notch quality, the Ironstar HI-TEMP Bumper Plater are a smart choice for a home or professional use. The weights are made of rubber and stainless steel inserts and have the outer diameter of 450 mm. Because of the material these are made of - special mixture of rubber granules - the bumpers make less sound during workouts, making them especially suitable for home gym.


  • Availability in pairs: 5 KG, 10 KG, 15 KG, 20 KG, 25 KG,
  • Outer diameter: 450 mm (IWF standards)
  • Suitable for use with standard olympic barbells (sleeve diameter 50 mm)
  • Material: SBR rubber, stainless steel inserts
  • Color: black

BUMPER PLATES – thickness:

5 KG – 32 mm

10 KG – 60 mm

15 KG – 90 mm

20 KG – 120 mm

25 KG – 120 mm

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