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Hip Thrust Proud Champion

Hip Thrust Proud Champion

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PROUD CHAMPION – the line was created with the most demanding customers in mind to support their efforts to be ever better.

The best quality materials have been used for manufacturing, which makes them ideal for 7 days / 24 hours commercial use.

Each machine has unique ergonomics, which means easy and effective training.

The biomechanics of the machines are designed to be used by professional athletes as well as customers who are starting their adventure with sports.

The possibility to choose individual frame and upholstery colors will give a unique character to the place where the machines from the CHAMPION series will be located.

All CHAMPION products are made to order with great care.

Platform angle adjustment (6 positions);

Roller height adjustment (12 positions);

Special hooks for power strips (3 pcs.);

Automatically adjustable back support system;

Wide platform with non-slip aluminum cover

The structure is made of 40 × 80 mm steel profiles, 3 mm thick;

The structure is powdered with a black carpet;

The finish is made of special antistatic eco leather, durable
against sweat, moisture and chemicals;

Possibility to attach the equipment to the ground thanks to special holes for screws.

Length: 192 cm;

Width: 96,5 cm;

Height: 127,8 cm;

Weight: 134 kg;

Color: matt black;

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