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Half Ball Platform Proud

Half Ball Platform Proud

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HALF BALL PROUD  a product that improves body coordination and allows you to perform any kind of physical exercises using balance.

Thanks to the ball, you will improve motor coordination, stabilization, strengthen weakened muscles and stimulate their deep parts. In addition, during warm-up, you activate the muscles before the actual workout.

The device can be turned on both sides and used during training.

The platform can be used for workouts aimed at improving balance and balance, strengthening muscles and their endurance, as well as flexibility exercises.


Versatility of use: the shape of the hemisphere is a combination of a ball and a step. Great for static and dynamic exercises.

Strength above average:  Half Ball PROUD the platform is made of the highest quality plastic, providing adequate flexibility and durability. One side of the platform is an inflated ball that bends under the influence of the simulator. The other side is a flat solid platform.

Complete comfort:  specially designed non-slip top coating ensures safe and stable training.

- material: PVC + ABS
- sizes:
* diameter: 60 cm
* inflation height: 19-21 cm
- base: non-slip
Number of side handles:
- weight: 7 kg
- maximum load: 150 kg

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