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Cross Training Bar Queen Proud

Cross Training Bar Queen Proud

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Style with Queen inscription in pink color. It definitely stands out in color, style and quality.

It is made of high quality materials with high durability.

It's high elasticity and ease of sleeve rotation, are extremely useful elements during intense exercise.

The grip part, for better protection, is covered with a ceramic coating, which also provides a beautiful matte color.

The used needle and slide bearings ensure a very good level of durability and effectiveness of the barbell (fast rotation helps with dynamic exercises).

Applied knurling at a moderate level, which at the same time provides a solid grip, but also does not damage the hand.

Weight 15 kg
Diameter 25 mm
Total length 2010 mm
Sleeve length 320 mm
PSI 190,000
Needle bearings 4 pieces
Slide bearings 2 pcs.
Lifting capacity 450 kg

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