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Cast Iron Kettlebell Proud

Cast Iron Kettlebell Proud

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Cast Iron Kettlebell Proud is designed especially for professionals. This is a raw one-piece cast iron entirely without coating, with a small but clear color marking on the handle.

The iron cast is very durable and guarantees a smooth matt structure over the entire surface, which means that the dumbbells move well in your hand and do not rub when in contact with the skin, both on the handle and on the surface of the ball. 

It covers a large weight range among the available kettlebell dumbbells from 4 kg up to 48 kg. Each weight of the weight is assigned a color marked at the grip, thanks to which communication on the level of coach - player will become much simpler.

Kettlebell type training is general-purpose functional training that increases strength and strengthens the endurance of entire muscle groups: back, legs, abdomen, shoulders, chest, hands. A characteristic feature of such training is the involvement of additional muscles, which are generally not involved in isolated strength training. In addition to increasing fitness and strength, it allows intense fat burning in interval sessions.


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