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Air Runner Proud 2.0 Elite

Air Runner Proud 2.0 Elite

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This is not an ordinary treadmill – this is a machine that will take your training to a new level! The machine has a 6-level manual resistance adjustment of the running belt so that you can choose the intensity of your workout according to your needs. The resistance adjustment lever is easily accessible and easy to operate.

The specially shaped wider running belt forces the runner into a different movement pattern, engaging the posterior muscle band. It helps you to keep the correct posture, imitate your natural movements, reduces the impact on your joints and increase your performance.

The treadmill does not require a power supply.

  • 160X44cm running belt
  • 6 resistance levels
  • Ergonomic multi-handrails
  • 7 training modes
  • Large LCD screen
  • Built-in radio heart rate monitor
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