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Advanced Flywheel Knob

Advanced Flywheel Knob

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The Advanced Flywheel Knob is intended for use with any kPulley, LegExx and most kBox4 devices, allowing your muscles to produce higher forces during training. Unlike the speedy movements in any explosive or ballistic training methods, with a higher inertia the motion of your drills will be slower and more controlled. This Flywheel Knob can be particularly useful for strongmen, powerlifters and weightlifters among other similar type of athletes.

The Advanced Flywheel Knob is minimal in size, weighing just only 250 g, made out of anodized aluminium.

Using it to secure the flywheels on your flywheel training device is just as simple as using the original Flywheel Knob that comes with your equipment. However when the device is loaded to the maximum flywheel capacity (either 4 or 6) we advise you to keep one hand on the flywheels when removing this Knob to prevent the flywheels from bouncing off.

If you want to enhance your flywheel training with the Advanced Flywheel Knob we would recommend also considering the following items as additions to your tool box:
  • One or two extra flywheels - size L or XL depending on the equipment you have.
  • Harness - for maximal power development in squat variations.
  • kBar - lightweight and durable design for intense deadlift variations.
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