XPT Racks
The world's latest power racks.
Natural movement pattern
Self-spotting feature
Tested by NBA & NFL players
Power rack and smith machine in one device
The XPT Rack is a patented free-weight training system that provides safe & explosive motions in vertical, horizontal, diagonal, lateral, and rotational bar movements. These revolutionary racks have a braking feature that catches the bar if the user opens his/her palms.
Feel safe in any lift
Whether it's a late night lift in the garage or a training session with a client, be sure that a spotter is always by your side.
Mimic the force outputs similar to your sport
Dynamic sports require rapid force production to effectively execute fast motions such as jumping, pulling, pushing, etc. Slow weight training can be beneficial to improve certain physical qualities, however, in such workouts, the maximum peak force is a lot lower. Since the XPT Racks have a catching system, users can throw the bar while not subconsciously thinking about slowing down as the ROM ends.
Overload sport-specific joint angles with free range of motion
When looking at sport-specific motions, it's important to determine what joint angles are used in each movement so we can get a clear understanding of what the end product will be, and add various loads to it.

All benefits

  • Achieve maximum outputs
  • Isolate specific movements
  • Teach lifting to a beginner
  • Replicate Olympic lifting
  • Develop power
Credit: 3D Athletes
Invented by an NFL veteran
The founder of the XPT is Brady Poppinga, an NFL veteran, who had a successful 8-year career. He started off his career playing with the Green Bay Packers from 2005 – 2010. While with the Packers, he won a number of division titles, and a Super Bowl Championship. In 2011 he played with the St. Louis Rams and then he finished off his career in 2012 with the Dallas Cowboys.
Since the age of 5 Brady has lifted free weights. As he became more focused on his ambitions to be a football player, he began to train more seriously. Throughout this time he experienced a number of accidents that lead to injury. Because of these unwhelming moments and years of training in the world's latest facilities, a new, safer approach to fitness was born.
XPT at NFL Combine training in 2017
Which rack is right for you?
The XPT Half-Rack is a free weight-lifting solution for all spaces. It is compact enough to fit comfortably in most home gym settings. Yet it is built with commercial-grade materials to hold up in a heavy usage environment.
The XPT Pro is designed to deliver in the most demanding training environment. Whether it's a commercial gym or an NFL training camp, the 3”x3” 7-gauge and 2”x3”11-gauge tubular steel construction will allow any athlete to express his/her power in a safe environment.